"More than 'just dance'.  Mini Movers is the best half hour you can spend with your child ... It's amazing to watch them blossom with confidence and skill right before your eyes!  Don't be surprised when they start telling you to point your toes ... "



"I never could have imagined how much Zara would gain from her years of dancing with Miss Nyree when she started as a Mini Mover at 3. It always amazes me the confidence she has when she dances. Miss Nyree has nurtured not only Zara’s dance skills and technique over the years but the love and joy of dancing and it shows when her students perform.  We’ve had so many people ask where Zara dances and we couldn’t recommend Mini Movers highly enough"


"Mini Movers is a fun, interactive class and a great experience for a parent to share with their child. It's not just about movement, rhythm and music, it's an opportunity for children to appreciate that learning can be fun, a place where their imagination challenges their physical capabilities.  A whimsical visit to the circus might involve dramatically dressing in extravagant costumes, climbing a ladder, balancing on an imaginary high-wire (all props being imaginary!) and exploring the movements and sounds of various animals through dance.  Nyree's depth of experience in dance and working with children is evident in the speed and ease in which she adapts each class to the questions, comments and interests of the children.  Nyree makes each child feel special and inspires them to participate with enthusiasm."

 Adriana K


At Mini Movers children gain musical appreciation and develop self-confidence, through dance as well as improving their fine and gross motor skills and overall coordination and strength.

Your tiny tot will be counting the sleeps until their next dance class with all the fun, groovy moves that ‘Mini Movers' incorporates.

We look forward to sharing with your children, the magical world of dance!


LEVEL 1 infants-Mini Movers & Mums & Dads- Boys and Girls from 16 months-3 years

This is an interactive parent participation class. Dance along with your tiny tot. Suitable for "Almost walkers", "furniture cruisers" and fully fledged "Mini Divas and dudes" ages 16 months -3 yrs



LEVEL 2 Pre schoolers-Mini Movers Boys and Girls from 3.5-5 years 

Our unique Mini Movers curriculum (Levels 1 & 2) is a beautiful introduction to the joy of classical ballet and dance. The world renowned Cecchetti Ballet Syllabus taught by Nyrée Alexander, gives your little prince or princess the gifts of poise, grace, and confidence.Dance is fun with Miss Nyrée. Mini Movers learn the correct vocabulary and technique, through delightful rhymes and songs within the Cecchetti Syllabus. Training is authentic ballet and is gentle for little bodies.

Musicality and expression is the focus at this tender age.

'Ballet Day with Miss Nyrée' will be their favourite day of the week.

The class combines the discipline of  classical ballet with the fun of jazz, creative dance and spontaneous bursts of song!. It is very much an interactive program, with children being encouraged to answer questions and improvise. Their creativity and enthusiasm is always an inspiration. Nyrée Alexander is a qualified and experienced ballet teacher who will bring out the true potential of your tiny tot and guide them through these formative years. 




Meet Nyrée Alexander

RAD RTS, Licentiate C.B.A.-C.I.C.B

Royal Academy of Dance & Cecchetti Ballet

Hello, I’m Nyrée Alexander.

Welcome to my magical world of dance! My specialty is in the area of inspirational and fun learning. My students and their parents particularly value the nurturing family environment provided in Mini Movers classes. I have taught this program on the north shore for over 20 years to more than 1,000 budding performers. I am so excited to now have Mini Movers in my home town of Balmain.

I look forward to meeting you

Miss  Nyrée xx 

After completing her full time training at Brent St in 1993 Nyrée began her career as a professional dancer. First represented by the Brent St Agency, Nyrée worked with the best of Australia's choreographers including Kelley Abbey, Jason Coleman, Aaron Cash and David Atkins in numerous local and international productions, corporate events and television appearances. In 1996 Nyrée created Sydney based production company Envy Entertainment and along with her long time dance partner Vicki Clare, produced works for clients including:

  • The Royal Australian Navy

  • Starlight Foundation

  • The AFI Awards

  • Apple Macintosh

  • A.M.A

  • The Cancer Council

  • Sony

  • BMG Music

Nyrée began teaching at Ecole Classique in 1995 and went on to teach at:

  • The McDonald College

  • Sydney University

  • Macquarie University

  • Sydney Dance Company

 Since 2016 she has been Head of Classical Ballet at one of Australia’s leading competitive performing arts studio -Elite Performance Studios on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Nyrée is an accredited teacher for both the Royal Academy of Dance and Cecchetti Ballet Australia. She has 2 young children and loves to be busy. She aims to give all her students, big and small, the same encouragement and opportunities that were given to her by her many beautiful and vibrant teachers and mentors during her training and dance career.